Symposium on Brain Metastases

The diagnosis and treatment of brain metastases in patients with malignancies has become a topic of great importance. The major reasons for this are the increasing frequency of their detection, partly due to better and earlier CNS imaging, and their increasing prevalence due to the improvement of survival of patients with advanced disease with the advents of personalized, targeted therapy and immunotherapy.
We invite you to take part in our Symposium on Brain Metastases to familiarize yourself with the current and future diagnostic and therapeutic developments and to define, together with our faculty, the optimal approach to patients with brain metastases.
10.30 - 17.30
UniversitätsSpital Zürich
Grosser Hörsaal OST, HOER B 10
Gloriastrasse 29
8091 Zürich

Programm Symposium on Brain Metastases 2018 (PDF)

SGMO, SGPath, SNO, SRO Credits.

Registration free of charge. Please register before January 5th, 2018.