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Cells under the Magnifying Glass - Two UZH researchers have received an ERC Synergy Grant – an innovative funding scheme of the European Research Council. Biochemists Andreas Plückthun and Ohad Medalia want to use this support to develop a novel high-resolution imaging method for molecules.

​The UZH’s HighResCells project was set up by two UZH professors of biochemistry, Andreas Plückthun (a member of the CRC ZURICH) and Ohad Medalia, who are also two of the project’s four applicants.  Along with researchers from the University of Copenhagen and the Spanish National Center for Biotechnology, they have been awarded approx. 8.3 million euro for the period from 2018 to 2023. Around 4.7 million euro of this amount will go to the University of Zurich. MORE

Die Biochemiker Andreas Plückthun und Ohad Medalia
Biochemists Andreas Plückthun (left) and Ohad Medalia want to develop
high-resolution 3D images of the structure of biological molecules.
(Picture used with permission)

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