Research Excellence

Dermatologist Simone M. Goldinger and molecular biologist Tuncay Baubec (CRC member) received the renowned Georg Friedrich Götz Award. This prize is awarded annually at UZH for outstanding contributions in the field of medical research.

Tuncay Baubec’s research has led to outstanding progress in the understanding of the regulation and function of epigenetic modifications. He was able to identify important molecular mechanisms that regulate the deposition of DNA methylation in specific locations, both in healthy and diseased cells. The relevance of his research in this field is borne out by numerous publications in respected natural science journals such as Cell and Nature. After receiving an SNSF professorship in 2015, Tuncay Baubec founded his research group at the Laboratory of Systems Biology of Gene Regulation in the Department of Molecular Mechanisms of Disease at the University of Zurich. He is also a member of the Cancer Research Center Zurich. MORE

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